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Join the Crowd to Save 500 Acres!

South View of Mt. Pisgah photograph by Craig Smith
SVT is launching its first ever crowdfunding campaign to support the Tri-Town Landscape Protection Project, an effort to protect 500 acres of land that comprises quality wildlife habitat, working farms, and recreational trails in the three towns of Berlin, Boylston, and Northborough.
We have been successful in raising funds from state, municipal, and private sources that have brought us close to our goal of $3.6M, but we need your support to close the gap. The goal of this crowdfunding campaign is to raise $25,000 by reaching out to lovers of land and wildlife. Spread the word!
The campaign is launched at and will run through July 31.
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Framingham Adds 13 Acres to Wittenborg Woods

Congratulations to Framingham on the conservation of the Snow Property.
In 1999, the Town of Framingham, with funding and assistance from SVT and the State Department of Environmental Management (now the Department of Conservation and Recreation), purchased and permanently protected approximately 83 acres of woodland in northwest Framingham, now known as Wittenborg Woods. This June, another 13 acres were added to Wittenborg Woods with the Town’s acquisition of the former Snow property on Wayside Inn Road. 
This parcel had long been a priority for protection because it includes well-used trails that are part of the Wittenborg Woods trail system, and because development of the parcel into house lots would have had very negative consequences on the wildlife habitat and recreation values. When the landowner, Edith Snow, passed away a few years ago, SVT worked with her estate’s representatives to explore options for protection, including bringing in the abutting landowners, who served as “conservation buyers” when they stepped in to buy and hold the property until a conservation transaction was assured. 
The conservation buyers carved off and sold the existing, single family home on the property and sold the remaining 13 acres the Town as an addition to the Wittenborg Woods conservation area, which connects to some of SVT’s Northwest Framingham properties through the Bay Circuit Trail. To purchase the $675,000 property, the Town of Framingham applied for and received a $400,000 state LAND (Local Areas for Natural Diversity) grant and added $275,000 from the town’s conservation fund with the approval of Town Meeting.
Our congratulations go to the Town of Framingham on this important conservation achievement!
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Tri-Town Protection Project Creates Lasting Family Legacies

Morse Woods photograph by Bill Shelley
Two more properties have been protected as part of the Tri-Town Landscape Protection Project and each leaves a legacy of conservation, stewardship, and family. 
On June 23rd, the 23-acre Morse Woods on Crosby Road in Berlin, was sold by the Mathews family to the Town of Berlin for far less than its full market value, and a perpetual conservation restriction was concurrently conveyed to SVT. The property is named after Marjorie Morse Mathews, whose family had owned the property for several generations. Mrs. Mathews, who passed away at the age of 87 in 2014, recalled fond memories of meeting cousins from far and wide at this mid-point for picnics. She was delighted at the opportunity to see the land permanently protected, and her sons fulfilled her wishes after her passing. The property, which is entirely wooded uplands, includes an old cart road which leads to the top of a hill and connects to other town trails.  Parking is along Crosby Road, and a small parking area may be constructed at some point in the future.  
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Sudbury Valley Trustees
is a regional land trust that conserves land and protects wildlife habitat in the Concord, Assabet, and Sudbury river basin for the benefit of present and future generations.